Who we are

The mission of Sounds Fun Speech
Pathology is to empower individuals of all
ages by providing high-quality and
personalized speech therapy services,
fostering effective communication, and
enhancing overall well-being

About Us


Leanne Sorbello serves as the principal practitioner and proprietor of Sounds Fun Speech Pathology, boasting over 30 years of experience in working with pediatric clients. 

She possesses specialised expertise in child development, adept at training parents in techniques to support their children. Leanne’s proficiency extends to working with bilingual children facing communication challenges. 

She adopts a holistic approach, considering the child within all their environments. 


To support children and families to make stronger connections with better communication skills.
To enable clients to achieve to their fullest potential by developing their best possible communication abilities.
To support children’s learning through enriching their oral language and assisting them to access the more challenging communication and language demands of the classroom.
That our clients have fun and enjoy communicating.



Leanne Sorbello
0450 274 389

Leanne Sorbello

Speech Pathologist

Leanne Sorbello is the principal practitioner and owner of Sounds Fun Speech Pathology.

Leanne has 30+ years experience working with paediatric clients and has specialist
knowledge in understanding child development and training parents to use
techniques to help their children.

Leanne also has specialised knowledge working with bilingual children who have
communication difficulties.

Leanne takes a holistic approach and considers the child in all of their environments.
Leanne is a registered NDIS provider and is a member of Speech Pathology Australia.

Stefano Girola​

Stefano Girola

Office Administrator

Stefano is originally from Milan in northern Italy and migrated to Brisbane in 2000.

He has worked as an educator for many years and has joined Sounds Fun Speech
Pathology in 2019. He loves offering Leanne his administrative support and liaising
with clients’ families.

Prapti Shah

Allied Health Assistant

Prapti, a devoted mother of two, seamlessly blends her nurturing instinct with a robust academic foundation in her role as an Allied Health Assistant.

Armed with a Master of Business Administration (MBA), she approaches healthcare with strategic precision and heartfelt dedication. Prapti’s experience in assisting young children with specific needs is marked by her unwavering passion and a commitment to going the extra mile for her clients.

Eager to enhance her expertise, she is enthusiastic about pursuing a Certificate IV in Allied Health to ensure she delivers the utmost care to those she serves.


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