Children's Books

Speechies love children’s books! They love to read to children and talk to children about books.

This is because we know that books can provide a strong foundation for children to learn the meaning of words that they do not hear in their everyday conversations.

Each month Leanne will outline a tip for reading with children.

She will also be reviewing a children’s book with the people who matter most – the children. 

We will get their opinions on the story, pictures, ideas in the book, and what it means to them.
Most of the books we review will be more recent publications.

children's books
children's books


Before you read the book – Think about the Topic or Main Idea and find out what your child knows about the main idea in the book.

If the book is about Space – does your child know anything about space? It’s good to chat about the theme of the book

Try it and send me your results.


Children's Books Review

Chooks in Space


Who wouldn’t love an aspirational funky chicken who builds his own rocket (It isn’t perfect – but hey it does the job) and takes a trip around the various planets.

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