Our Mission Statement:

To support children and families to make stronger connections with better communication skills.

To enable children to achieve to their fullest potential by developing their best possible communication abilities.

To support children’s learning through enriching their oral language and assisting them to access the more challenging communication and language demands of the classroom.

That our clients have fun and enjoy communicating.

Sounds Fun is committed to:

    • Providing high quality service based on strong evidence
    • Being respectful and fair in our conduct.
    • Be willing to listen to your concerns.
    • Being kind and gentle with your children.
    • Maintaining a high standard of hand and toy hygiene
    • Providing a safe service to your family.
    • Maintaining confidentiality by protecting your information and data.
    • Being an advocate for your child if necessary.
    • Seeing the whole child with strengths as well as challenges
    • Seeing the child and the family as connected.
    • Prioritising participation and the development of functional abilities.
    • Being innovative and creative.
    • Connecting with other professionals in your team to streamline your care.
    • Helping you to co-ordinate your care
    • Giving you a strong voice in the direction of your care.
    • Measuring and evaluating how well we are doing
    • Continually improving the quality of the service.